We have over 14 years of experience in undertaking site formation works in Hong Kong.

We mainly perform site formation works in Hong Kong as a subcontractor. We have over 14 years of experience in undertaking site formation works in Hong Kong.

As a subcontractor, we provide our customers with comprehensive site formation solutions which generally include (a) general earthworks (including soil and rock excavation, disposal of construction and demolition materials, backfilling and compaction for forming a new site or achieving designed formation level for later development); (b) tunnel excavation works (including rock excavation works for construction of tunnels through drill and break and/or drill and blast methods as well as construction of associated temporary tunnel support structures); (c) foundation works (including ELS works and associated structural works for construction of pile caps for commercial and residential building projects); and (d) road and drainage works (including construction of access roads and drainage systems at construction sites). As part of our ancillary services, we also undertake steel fabrication and installation of steel working platform as a subcontractor.

We have positioned ourselves as a site formation subcontractor given that (a) we have been undertaking site formation works as a subcontractor for more than 14 years since our commencement of business in 2001; (b) we have neither been admitted to the List of Approved Contractors for Public Works nor registered with the Building Authority as a registered specialist contractor pursuant to the Buildings Ordinance applicable to a main contractor; and (c) our direct customers are mostly main contractors with whom we have developed stable business relationship for years.

In particular, we pride ourselves on our capability and expertise in undertaking blasting works. During the Track Record Period, we have completed two site formation projects involving blasting works with an aggregate revenue recognised of approximately HK$218.7 million.

Our direct customers are mostly main contractors of various types of infrastructural and commercial and residential building projects in Hong Kong. Such projects can generally be categorised into public sector projects and private sector projects. Public sector projects refer to projects which the main contractors are employed by the Government or statutory bodies while private sector projects refer to those that are not public sector projects. The majority of our revenue was derived from public sector projects. Since we are not registered on the List of Approved Contractors for Public Works as kept by the Development Bureau, we are not directly eligible to tender for public projects. As such, we have to rely on main contractors that are included on the List of Approved Contractors for Public Works for these projects and if we are able to successfully tender for such projects from these main contractors, they will engage our Group as subcontractor of such public projects. Our site formation projects are non-recurring in nature. As a subcontractor, we secure our projects from main contractors after a competitive tendering process whereby we are invited to submit our tender. Our pricing is determined based on a cost-plus pricing model in general with markup determined on a project-by-project basis.

We possess our own machinery and equipment such as hydraulic excavators, hydraulic hammers, drill rigs, jumbo drill rigs, shotcrete machines, loaders, vibratory rollers, air compressors, electrical welding machines and platforms for performing site formation works and therefore are not materially reliant on third parties for machinery and equipment rental. We believe that our investment in machinery and equipment has placed us in a position to undertake site formation projects of different scales and complexity and to meet the expected growing demand of our customers.